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Pokemon Card Price Checker App
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Pokemon Card Price Checker App

Pokemon Card Price Checker App :- Embarking on your journey to sell your prized Pokémon cards online requires a crucial step: determining their optimal listing price. This pivotal task demands a reliable companion – a Pokémon card price guide. These invaluable resources curate recent transactions of popular cards, granting you insight into the market dynamics by showcasing sales data, timing, and price points.

There are diverse formats for these guides. Some present as comprehensive Pokémon card value lists, consolidating current prices for convenient reference, while others function akin to your personalized Pokémon card value locator, furnishing searchable databases updated either in real-time or at frequent intervals. Relying on a single guide might not suffice; hence, it’s prudent to corroborate information and rely on your intuition by consulting multiple sources.

As you gear up to embark on this endeavor, behold the nine finest Pokémon card price guides awaiting your perusal and scrutiny.

Pokemon Card Price Checker App Pro Tips for Scanning into the Cardbase App

  1. Ensure Your Camera Lens is Pristine: Crystal-clear card images are paramount for effective scanning and database matching. Wipe your camera lens clean to banish any smudges or dust that might mar the scan quality.
  2. Illuminate for Excellence: Optimal lighting is key to capturing sharp, detailed images. Seek out well-lit environments, preferably bathed in natural, diffused light. If unavailable, opt for a white light source. Keep shadows at bay to prevent interference with the scanner’s accuracy.
  3. Master the Card’s Position: Position the card squarely within the scanning area to ensure every detail is captured.
  4. Banish Glare Woes: Combat the reflective nature of some trading cards, especially challenging ones like HoloFoil Pokémon cards and Panini Prizm cards. Tilt the card or adjust lighting to minimize glare.
  5. Opt for Simplicity: Eschew elaborate backgrounds in favor of a simple, single-color backdrop. Choose a hue devoid of intricate patterns to ensure your card remains the focal point of the scan.
Pokemon Card Price Checker App

Pokemon Card Price Checker App Best Pokemon Card Price Apps


Introducing the premier Pokemon card pricing app – TCGplayer. This all-inclusive tool is your gateway to seamless scanning for Pokemon, Yugioh, and Magic the Gathering cards. Linked directly to, it enables effortless price checks and facilitates selling through the TCGplayer shop.

While the app boasts a plethora of functionalities, its overall reviews and ratings hover around the average mark. Criticisms often revolve around occasional glitches during scanning sessions, which, although possibly stemming from patch updates, can be irksome. Moreover, users have reported instances of random crashes, disrupting the app’s continuity.

Yet, amidst these challenges, TCGplayer offers a trove of useful features beyond mere scanning and pricing. Users benefit from customizable filters, allowing selection between Mid, Direct Low, and Market Price when perusing cards. Additionally, the app streamlines the listing process by enabling users to effortlessly create listings complete with photos. Noteworthy is its exceptional image recognition capability, adept at scanning cards even within sleeves, upside down, or nestled within a card binder. Remember, for optimal results, ensure cards are scanned at a 45-degree angle against a contrasting background.

Pokemon Card Price Checker App PokeTCG Scanner – Dragon Shield

Enter the realm of PokeTCG Scanner, a renowned Pokemon card pricing app crafted by none other than Dragon Shield, a titan in the card sleeve industry.

PokeTCG Scanner stands tall among its peers, boasting a stellar 4/5 rating indicative of its acclaim. Seamlessly melding price tracking with inventory management, this app emerges as a stalwart ally for collectors. From effortlessly checking Pokemon card prices to meticulously cataloging your cherished collection, it offers a wealth of functionalities.

Pokemon Card Price Checker App

Key features include:

Card Scanning:

Effortlessly scan cards in multiple languages, with real-time price checks sourced from and CardMarket.

Pokemon Card Price Checker App Inventory Management:

Organize your cards into custom folders adorned with personalized images. Each folder can be endowed with a price valuation and even a win/loss ratio. Furthermore, cards can be exported to .csv or text documents for comprehensive record-keeping.

Winners, Losers, and Trades:

Navigate the ebbs and flows of the market with ease using the Winners and Losers feature. Filter by date and format to pinpoint the top performers and underachievers within your collection.

With PokeTCG Scanner, the world of Pokemon card collection and pricing is at your fingertips, empowering you to navigate the intricate tapestry of card trading with confidence.

TCG Hub – Card Collection Tool

Behold the TCG Hub – Card Collection Tool, an exceptional app that demands recognition, standing shoulder to shoulder with the esteemed Dragon Shield app.

Glowing reviews adorn this app, earning it a remarkable 4/5 rating from satisfied users.

Experience the swiftness and efficiency as you instantly scan cards to enrich your collection and swiftly ascertain their market value. What’s more, sync your entire collection to the cloud for seamless access on the go. Delve into the trade feature, enabling you to compare card prices effortlessly, ensuring equitable trades.

A standout feature of this app is its lack of a paywall and complete absence of advertisements, rendering it one of the most pristine offerings in the market. Revel in a clutter-free experience as you immerse yourself in the world of card collecting and pricing with the TCG Hub.

PocketPrices – PocketMonsters

Enter the realm of PocketPrices, yet another sought-after Pokemon card pricing app vying for your attention. Designed to harness the pricing data from the renowned TrollandToad website, it offers a gateway to the world of Pokemon card valuations.

While boasting an average rating, PocketPrices garners numerous commendable reviews from its user base. A standout feature of this app is its ability to compute the total value of your collection, coupled with the option to input card quantities for a comprehensive assessment.

Admittedly, PocketPrices is a work in progress and may lack some of the advanced features found in competing apps, such as scanning capabilities. However, if you’re a devoted follower of TrollandToad, consider giving this app a chance to prove its worth in your collection management journey.

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Pokemon Card Price Checker App

TCG Price Check

Enter the fray with yet another stellar contender for tracking Pokemon card prices. However, it’s important to note that this app isn’t without its share of bugs, as reported by numerous users.

Nonetheless, the app offers a comprehensive array of features. Explore all sets from the trading card game and effortlessly search for specific cards within any given set. Not stopping there, users can also compare prices across different sets and toggle between various card versions, including reverse holo-foil and normal variants. With currency settings customizable to your preference, you’ll enjoy live and accurate conversions.

Regrettably, the absence of a scanner is a notable drawback. This means users must manually search for and locate the cards they wish to check prices for. Despite this limitation, the app remains a formidable tool for any avid Pokemon card collector seeking to stay abreast of market prices.


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