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Snapchat X Next To Chat
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Snapchat X Next To Chat

Snapchat X Next To Chat :- Snapchat, a beloved application renowned for its array of features such as snap filters, has recently stirred curiosity among users with the appearance of an X icon next to certain individuals’ names on the chat page. Understandably, this X icon has left many Snapchat users puzzled and eager to decipher its meaning.

When navigating through the chat page on Snapchat, users are greeted by the presence of this X icon, prompting questions about its significance. To shed light on this matter, let’s delve into the meaning behind the X icon on Snapchat in 2023.

Typically, users are accustomed to seeing different icons next to individuals’ names on Snapchat, such as a chat icon denoting text messages or a camera icon representing received pictures. However, the sudden emergence of the X icon has sparked confusion and frustration among users.

So, what exactly does this X icon signify on Snapchat? While there may be various speculations circulating among users, the precise meaning of the X icon remains elusive. Nonetheless, its consistent appearance has undoubtedly piqued the curiosity of Snapchat enthusiasts worldwide.

As users eagerly await clarification from Snapchat regarding the purpose of this mysterious X icon, its presence continues to serve as a topic of intrigue and speculation within the Snapchat community.

What Does the X Mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat X Next To Chat The interpretation of the X symbol on Snapchat can vary, as it may be encountered in different sections of the Snapchat application.

You might notice the gray X icon adjacent to individuals on the chat page, friend list, and other areas. Consequently, the significance of the X symbol can differ depending on its location within the app.

For instance, if the X appears alongside someone’s name on Snapchat’s Chat page, it indicates that the individual is not currently included in your friend list. Similarly, encountering the X icon next to a game or mini-game signifies that tapping on it will prompt its removal from your experience. Additionally, you may also spot a gray X icon next to conversations, providing the option to clear them from your chat history.

Snapchat X Next To Chat

Does The X On Snapchat Mean Someone Unadded Or Blocked You?

Users may find themselves puzzled by the appearance of an X next to the name of someone they were previously friends with on Snapchat. This X icon only surfaces next to users who are not currently listed as a person’s friend but have sent them a friend request.

If someone has unadded you as a friend on Snapchat and later sends you a friend request, it’s plausible for an X to appear next to their name. A similar scenario could arise if someone previously blocked you on Snapchat. When blocked, you’re automatically removed as that person’s friend. If they subsequently unblock you and send a friend request, you might see an X next to their name on the Chat screen.

However, it’s essential to note that if you’ve never interacted with or been friends with the user on Snapchat before, an X next to their name doesn’t signify being unadded or blocked. Instead, it simply indicates that the person has added you as a friend.

Grey Box On Snapchat But Still Friends?

The presence of a grey box next to a person’s Snapchat name can be interpreted in two ways: yes and no.

Yes, you can still maintain a friendship with the individual even if a grey box is displayed next to their Snapchat name. This indicates that you have never exchanged snaps with the person, but it doesn’t necessarily imply the termination of your friendship.

On the other hand, the grey box may also signify that the person has not accepted your friend request, resulting in the absence of snap exchanges between you. In this scenario, while you may not have established a Snapchat connection with the individual, it doesn’t definitively indicate the end of a potential friendship.

Snapchat’s primary functionality revolves around sending and receiving snaps, represented by two basic symbols: a box for receiving snaps and an arrow for sending snaps. If you encounter a grey box next to someone’s Snapchat name, it simply indicates that no snaps have been exchanged between you and that person.

Snapchat X Next To Chat

Therefore, the presence of a grey box serves as a reminder of the absence of snap interactions with the individual, whether due to the lack of snap exchanges or pending friend requests.

How to Get Rid of the ‘X’ Icon

Encountering the grey X icon on Snapchat might leave you wondering about its significance and how to remove it. The interpretation of this X can vary based on its location within the app, whether it’s on your friend list, chat page, or beside a specific conversation. To eliminate the X icon from your Snapchat, here are the steps to follow:

  • Determine the Location: Identify where the X is situated—whether it’s on your friend list, chat page, or adjacent to a particular conversation. Understanding its context will help you grasp its meaning and take appropriate action.
  • Manage Friend Requests: If the X appears next to a friend request, it indicates that the individual is awaiting your response. You can either accept or reject the request by tapping on the X. Once you’ve made your decision, the X will vanish.
  • Address Unsent Messages: If the X accompanies a message within a conversation, it signifies that the message was not successfully sent. In such instances, tapping on the X allows you to resend the message or delete it altogether.
  • Clear Conversations: Should the X be present next to a conversation on your chat page, you can eliminate it by swiping left on the conversation and selecting “Clear.” This action removes all messages within the conversation along with the X icon.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage the grey X icons on Snapchat and ensure a smoother messaging experience.

Snapchat X Next To Chat

How to Remove Grey X Next to Name on Snapchat?

Certainly, the simplest method to remove the grey X on Snapchat is by adding the individual to your friend list. Should they decline your friend request, blocking them is an alternative option.

Once the person accepts your friend request, the X icon swiftly transforms into a Camera icon. However, if the X persists next to the name on Snapchat despite being added to your friend list, clearing the app cache is necessary.

This guide aims to clarify the meaning of the X icon on Snapchat. Furthermore, we’ve addressed the common query: Does the X on Snapchat indicate being blocked? Feel free to share any additional inquiries in the comments section below. If you found this article helpful, consider sharing it with your friends too.


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