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Why Did I Get A 9.99 Charge From Doordash
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Why Did I Get A 9.99 Charge From Doordash ?

Why Did I Get A 9.99 Charge From Doordash :- Introducing DashPass – a revolutionary subscription service designed to enhance your dining experience while saving you money. With DashPass, you gain unlimited access to a vast selection of top local and national restaurants in your area, all with $0 delivery fees on orders of $15 or more.

At DoorDash, we prioritize our loyal customers’ satisfaction. Whether it’s providing more time for what matters most, introducing exciting new cuisines, or making family meals more affordable, we’re committed to delivering on what you love most about DoorDash. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce DashPass, an innovative service that brings added convenience and flavor to your life.

For just $9.99 per month, DashPass members enjoy unlimited $0 delivery fees from beloved eateries such as Wendy’s, The Cheesecake Factory, California Pizza Kitchen, White Castle, and many more – simply look for the DashPass checkmark. With a DashPass membership, you’ll quickly recoup your investment with just three orders per month, and best of all, you can cancel anytime, no questions asked.

During our pilot testing phase, the average DashPass subscriber saved over $20 per month, even after factoring in the monthly subscription fee. Join DashPass today and discover how you can elevate your dining experience while keeping more money in your pocket.

Why Did I Get A 9.99 Charge From Doordash What is DashPass?

DashPass presents a subscription service providing unlimited deliveries from a plethora of eligible restaurants, accompanied by a $0 delivery fee on orders surpassing $12.*

At present, DashPass operates within the United States and Canada, albeit with certain areas excluded from its service coverage.

Why Did I Get A 9.99 Charge From Doordash

The reason why you got the 9.99 Charge from Doordash

The $9.99 charge represents a fee applied to users subscribed to the company’s complimentary delivery services. Known as DashPass, this subscription offers a range of perks

including complimentary delivery on orders exceeding $12, reduced service fees, and exclusive deals at participating restaurants. On the surface, this arrangement may seem innocuous. After all, one should expect to be charged only upon subscribing to the service, right?

However, the situation isn’t as straightforward as it appears. The contentious issue lies in the automatic renewal of the $9.99 subscription charge, catching some users off guard as it materializes on their credit cards without their explicit consent. This occurrence is particularly concerning for individuals who may have only opted for the free trial, as the $9.99 charge morphs into the actual subscription fee.

What’s more alarming is that this charge persists regardless of whether any orders have been placed. Should you find yourself saddled with the $9.99 fee without a history of DashPass usage, it’s imperative to promptly reach out to DoorDash support, as this may indicate a bug in the system—a phenomenon observed by numerous individuals, leading to speculation about its intentionality.

Additionally, it’s crucial to familiarize oneself with the process for requesting a refund for the service, as outlined in our guide, in the event of an unwarranted charge. Moreover, such occurrences may signal unauthorized access to your account, possibly resulting from account hijacking or misuse by acquaintances or even malicious actors.

In light of these potential risks, vigilance and swift action are paramount to safeguarding your financial interests and maintaining the integrity of your DoorDash account.

Why Did I Get A 9.99 Charge From Doordash  My DashPass Benefits did not apply?

As a DashPass subscriber, it’s crucial to ensure that your order meets the minimum basket subtotal to avail of your DashPass benefits. If the minimum subtotal requirement isn’t met, your DashPass benefits won’t apply. To confirm eligibility, keep an eye out for the green DashPass icon located beneath the merchant’s name.

Why Did I Get A 9.99 Charge From Doordash

To ensure that your benefits are applied correctly, follow these simple steps:

  • Check the DoorDash app or visit to explore nearby restaurants displaying the green check mark indicating DashPass eligibility.
  • DashPass Members enjoy $0 delivery fees and reduced service fees on all eligible orders that meet the specified subtotal minimum, as indicated within the app.
  • On average, DashPass subscribers save approximately $4-5 per eligible order. With a growing selection of restaurants continually being added, you’ll spend less time searching for deals across multiple delivery platforms and more time selecting the perfect meal for your cravings.

What fees do I pay?

When placing an order on DoorDash, you may encounter various fees, each serving a specific purpose in supporting the operation of our platform and ensuring exceptional service delivery.

Here are the fees you may encounter:

  • Service Fee: This fee supports the operation of the DoorDash platform and starts at $0.60, potentially increasing based on the order subtotal.
  • Delivery Fee: Charged on delivery orders, this fee assists DoorDash in covering the costs associated with delivering your order. The amount can vary based on factors such as the merchant, location, and demand, with fees starting at $0. DashPass members enjoy $0 delivery fees and reduced service fees on eligible orders.
  • Small Order Fee: In some instances, a $2.50 fee may be applied if your order subtotal falls below a certain threshold, making smaller transactions economically viable to fulfill.
  • Expanded Range Fee: Designed to maintain access to merchants located farther away, this fee allows consumers the option to access distant merchants for an additional charge, ensuring the quality of such deliveries.
  • Express Fee: An optional fee, applicable when selecting Express Delivery at checkout. This expedites order matching with a Dasher more quickly than standard orders.
  • Regulatory Response Fee: DoorDash may impose this fee in response to increased operating costs resulting from local or state regulations. The fee enables us to sustain convenient services and ensure Dashers receive meaningful earnings, with amounts varying based on region.
  • Other Mandatory Fees: In adherence to local regulations, DoorDash may apply certain mandatory fees imposed by government authorities.

Additionally, you may encounter the following charges:

  • Estimated Tax: Calculated based on local regulations and the order subtotal, estimated taxes are presented on your order receipt, with finalized tax amounts displayed accordingly.
  • Optional Dasher Tip: Tipping is entirely optional, allowing you to show appreciation to your Dasher for their service. Every dollar tipped goes directly to the Dasher, either at checkout or following delivery.
Why Did I Get A 9.99 Charge From Doordash

Please note that this list of fees is not exhaustive and may be subject to change. We strive to maintain transparency regarding fees and charges to ensure a seamless and satisfactory ordering experience for our valued customers.


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